Port of Call


PMWC is moving from a ship to ship 15 minute sortie to a campaign style of game with multiple scoring categories. Games from 30 minutes to four hours are being designed to accommodate our increasing membership. 

Although the name is new, Pacific Model Warship Club founding members have enjoyed this hobby since 1986. A foundation of experience, knowledge and insight into the hobby will guide our club as we expand into other ports of call.

Members scratch build warships of WW ll era and install pneumatic systems which power the main batteries. In various scenarios, ships shoot at each other, damaging and sometimes sinking other ships.

Start at our Home Port , then explore the site for information how you can join and take part in this hobby. There are many well established sites on the internet providing more information for your enjoyment.

After exploring our site go to www.queensown.org. As of 4-1-14, QO site is up but under construction. Here you will learn more about 1:72 scale ship building, detailing, arming and fighting. Queens Own is the bedrock of 1:72 scale warship combat and big gun combat on the west coast. Founding members from this group also started western warship combat club, having a true history for over 27 years..

1:72 is the superior scale for warship combat.  Come out to the pond and see what it’s all about or call one of our admins found in the Contact Us page. See you on the pond.

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